Polish Pleasure - Kocha Was

18. September 2010 @ Box At The Beach, Berlin - expired
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Styles: House, RnB & Polnische - Partyhits

2for1 auf alle Longdrinks bis 0 Uhr
1L Wodka + 5 Softs 85€

5€ mit Flyer bis 23 Uhr 10€ regulär


Box At The Beach
Englische Straße 21
10567 Berlin

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Preis: 10,00 €
Alter: 18
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Columbus Hits Business With Lawsuit Over treatment of Transsexual

Her complaint has now converted into a lawsuit. And it could become the most important legal challenge to alleged 'gender identity' discrimination in Columbus, Since the city law was changed four years ago.

Who on the web. It fundamentally of my being. I also have felt this way, thought Savanna DeLong.

DeLong said she started working about [url=http://circuitdiagram.net/cheap.html]アグ激安[/url] 12 years ago as an authorized massage therapist at Columbus' downtown Capital Club, found in the Huntington Center.

She said she eventually bartended and contributed to parties at the club.

About two years ago when she announced her intentions to become transsexual, She says the club regulation called her in.

Some conversation, It was decided they wanted to part ways and not use me anymore as a massage therapist, says DeLong.

She said she was promised more bartending work, about the never came, And she [url=http://lesdrayesduvercors.com/australia.html]ugg 2013[/url] believes it was all from her new female identity.

Was like a punch in the gut is the way [url=http://terryodonnell.org/replica.html]uggブーツ偽物[/url] I described it to lots of individuals. You seem like you're kicked to the curb, Or form of an outcast, I guess is the, about why I was let go, She inserted.

DeLong then filed a complaint with the city Community Relations hire.

basically two years later, The city lawyer's office filed two lawsuits last week.

The charge is unlawful employment practices for allegedly violating its antidiscrimination law.

The company that manages the Capital Club claims Savanna Delong always worked as persistent contractor.

Have a wonderful, Diverse staff. We are proud of our qualifications, Said [url=http://zensho-tankentai.com/snow.html]uggブーツ[/url] Columbus hospitality Management president Charles Lagarce.

But DeLong said that not how it happened in her case.

Just want them to pay the price for what they did. They broke the law as a result of, pronounced DeLong.

She wants to set precedent and be a role model rheumatoid arthritis.

wish to accomplish my part, I don't need to see other people subjected to this kind of treatment,

Stonewall Columbus said it is thrilled and that this is huge lawsuit, Showing that the city is fighting for the rights of the LGBT online.

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When he opened the camera's mouthpiece later back at her house, He found an old photograph and showed his nanna, The Eagle history.

It was a photograph of her son Scott, Sitting on a sofa with a high school girlfriend about 10 years [url=http://www.fantasyhockeyjournal.com/stiefel.html]www.fantasyhockeyjournal.com/stiefel.html[/url] before he was killed in an accident.

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The Logans told the Eagle [url=http://www.homeopatiktedavi.com/schuhe.html]www.homeopatiktedavi.com/schuhe.html[/url] that they didn't know the people having the garage sale and the man who sold it to Addison couldn't remember where he got it. The woman in the photo married and moved away sometime ago, The Eagle testified to.

Scott Logan was a 28yearold divorced dad when he was killed when his [url=http://lebouchongourmand.fr/france.html]lebouchongourmand.fr/france.html[/url] car flipped during business travel. His youngster, Dayne Logan, people in Columbia, Mo, And has blogged about the invention of the photo. Scott had been preceded in death [url=http://fsfrancesimulateur2.fr/australia.html]ugg australia[/url] by another brother, [url=http://www.airumbrella.com/bottes.html]www.airumbrella.com/bottes.html[/url] Who also was killed in a car wreck.

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